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Melt Pumps
   Extrusion Pumps  
   Polymer Pumps  
   Compounding Pumps  
   Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Pumps
Extrusion Dies  
Screen Changers  
Big-Bag Dischargers  
Silos Dischargers  
Gravimetric and Volumetric Feeders   
Coolers, Classifiers and Dryers for rubber parts   
Equipment for rubber processing  

   Twin screw   
   Cartridge Filter Elements   
   Filtration Systems
Heat Exchangers for powder and pellets  
Heat Exchangers for Melt Polymer  
On-line Measurement and Control for thickness 
Flow Meters  
Static Mixers   
Underwater Pelletizers  

   SLC. Spring Loaded Pelletizer  
   PAC. Pneumatically Adjustable Pelletizer  
   MAP. Manually Adjustable Pelletizer  
   Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA)  
   Rotomolding Micropellets

Preformers and Extruders for Rubber Industry  
Centrifugal Dryers for pellets and flakes  
Diverter Valves for Melt Polymers  
Rotary, Diverter and Gate Valves for pellets and powder