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Simko S.A. has been founded in 1951, as a one-man-show.   Presently, all of its shares are within the Simko family, and it is managed by its CEO, Eduardo Simko.

We presently have 30.000sqft of warehousing facilities, alongside our 7000sqft offices in San Martín, a few yards away from the Buenos Aires highway network, fully dedicated to supplying the market with raw materials for the rubber, flexible packaging and engineering plastics industries.

Since 1953, we exclusively represent the main Natural Rubber and Latex producer from the Far East: the Lee Rubber Group - Singapore, for Argentina and other Latin American markets.   We soon thereafter added Rubber Chemicals and Synthetic Rubbers to this scope of supply, to satisfy the ever increasing needs of the local market.

During the early 1990's, we expanded into Engineering Plastics, supplying the auto, appliances, electrical and flexible packaging markets.   With strong support from our Principals, when it comes to product selection, design, moulds and processing materials.
Products include ABS, acrylic, Polycarbonate, SAN and Acetal resins. Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Rubbers, Polyamides and purging materials.  Also Polyamide 6 Bioriented films (BOPA) for flexible packaging, and mould auxiliaries.

We complement these activities with our Technology Department, that advises over a broad scope of industrial equipment.


Since 1994, Simko S.A. produces and imports PET preforms, offering the widest availability in Latin American markets.